Guess The Song

Guess The Song 1.3.4

Test your knowledge of songs in this fun music quiz

Guess The Song is a fun music quiz in which you must guess a song or artist as quickly as possible. View full description


  • Lots of categories of music
  • Fun two-player mode
  • Simple game design


  • Not much variety in the default songs

Very good

Guess The Song is a fun music quiz in which you must guess a song or artist as quickly as possible.

Test your music knowledge

Guess The Song is a real test of your music knowledge. You can choose from a range of different categories based on era or musical genre. You then hear a series of snippets from songs and must decide on what song or artist is playing by choosing one of the four possible options.

The quicker you guess the songs the more points you will earn. By getting combos you can boost your points tally even further. Points are turned into game coins, which can be used to purchase new song packs.

There's also a two-player mode in Guess The Song, where you can test your music knowledge with a friend. The song plays and whoever guesses the answer first wins a point. This can only be done locally on your phone, although there is an online leaderboard where you can pit yourself against other players around the world. We found this to be quite irratic though - sometimes the leaderboard appears and other times it doesn't.

Easy listening

The user interface in Guess The Song is very easy to navigate. The categories are clearly laid out and guessing a song is merely a case of tapping on a button. One thing that is frustrating though is that the four options don't appear exactly at the moment a song starts, meaning that even if you know the song from the first note it'll take about a second before you can select the answer.

Sound and vision

Overall, the presentation of the Guess The Song app is pretty good. The design is attractive, with bright, colorful buttons and a stylish background image of a microphone.

The audio quality of the music is generally good, although the odd track is quieter than the rest, but not enough to be annoying. The only thing that will annoy you is that the songs repeat a lot from game to game and you'll have to download new song packs using game coins if you want to vary it up.

The verdict

If you like music you'll like Guess The Song. It makes for a fun way to test your musical knowledge, though the scope of the game is limited without building up coins.

Guess The Song


Guess The Song 1.3.4